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Hargreaves Surname List

Welcome to the list!

This is the information you receive upon subscribing to the electronic mailing list

It is a mailing list for members of families with surnames Hargreaves, Hargraves, Hargrove and related spellings to use in discussing their genealogy.

To subscribe

Before you can send a message to the list, you must subscribe to the list. To subscribe or to unsubscribe, use the web page <hargreaves.quarterman.org/listsub.html>

Please note that after you successfully use the web form, it may still take a few hours for the subscription to take effect. This is because, in order to keep spam off the list, each new member has to be manually approved by the list owner. Such approval is usually done as soon as the list owner reads the request, but please remember that the list owner is an unpaid volunteer just like you, and possibly also your relative. Have patience.

Once you are on the list, you will receive a copy of each message that is posted to the list.

To post a message to the list

Send an electronic mail message to hargreaves@quarterman.org, or use the web form

When you subscribe, please also post a message to hargreaves@quarterman.org describing your relation (if any) to one of these families. You don't have to be a relative to subscribe, and for that matter probably most of the subscribers have not completely identified exactly how we are all connected.

To change your address

Simply unsubscribe the old address and resubscribe using the new address.
The list is archived, and the archives are available to list members. For the appropriate Majordomo commands to retrieve them, send mail to majordomo@quarterman.org with the word "help" in the body (not subject) of the message.

There is a related WWW page:
If that WWW site is down, this WWW site has duplicate WWW pages: http://millennium.fortunecity.com/byker/362/Hargr.html

The WWW page just mentioned and discussion on the list are organized
by JamesWGreen@Juno.Com (James W. Green III-Winnsboro,SC)

The web pages you are reading and the Majordomo support for the list are supplied
by Quarterman Creations, courtesy of jsq@quarterman.com (John S. Quarterman-Austin,TX).

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